Virtual Machines without limitations

Product Prototypes – Industrial Machines – Production Factories

Here at Cutting Edge Machines, we deliver visual solutions without limitations by taking your ideas and bringing them to life. We create customized 3D renderings for your specialized products, machinery or complete factory, add electronic controls, hydraulics and pneumatics to create a finished product that performs to your standard.

We work with local or customers’ manufacturers through the complete design build process, completing the cycle to create what you want in your final product.

Industries :  Forestry – Sawmill -Reman – Mining – Aviation

At Cutting Edge Machines we have experience in many different industries creating everything from simple product models for injection molding, to new high strength low weight gearboxes for geological drilling, high tech heli firefighting buckets, remote aviation fuel pumps, to numerous fully automated production machines for the lumber industry right on up to innovative new mobile machinery attachments including a bladder tank roller and a near fully automated triple head tree planter.

Virtual Reality

To ensure we provide the best and latest cutting edge tools for our customers, we have embarked on the journey of being able to port our 3D designs into VR to expand the virtual prototype experience. Now not only can you see and rotate your prototype in 3 dimensions, you can now slip on a pair of VR lenses and interact with your model or complete factory, touching and testing the functions through the use of tools such as Oculus Rift with touch controllers!

We live in a new world of creation with 3D modelling and virtual reality. We are able to offer our customers the ability to bring their ideas to life; see it fully functional in a virtual world before it is ever built in the real one. This not only reduces the margin of error during the production or fabrication process, but also ensures we know exactly how a product or machine will look and function.

Your pencil sketches or simple prototypes are transposed directly into 3D. Real life motion and component interaction is fully simulated in the virtual world. Engineering analysis using the latest cutting edge tools allows us to streamline your designs, ensuring proper fit, materials and function before ever starting on a physical prototype.


Cutting Edge Machines offers training assistance on 3D systems. Going from 2D to 3D can be daunting to some and hard to wrap your head around at first.

Let us help you and your team master the skills need to take your designs to the next level.

We offer onsite or remote training assistance to meet your needs in developing your own great products.