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Virtual Machines without limitations Specific To Your Industry

Product Prototypes – Industrial Machines – Production Factories

Here at Cutting Edge Machines, we deliver visual solutions without limitations by taking your ideas and bringing them to life. We create customized 3D renderings for your specialized products, machinery or complete factory, add electronic controls, hydraulics and pneumatics to create a finished product that performs to your standard.

We work with manufacturers and inventors through the complete design build process, completing the cycle to create what you want in your final product.

Remanufacturing Industry

The remanufacturing industry can be very profitable but very frustrating. Taking bits and pieces of wood and creating value is something that the world needs more of, however, oftentimes these value added products are trying to be created using existing machinery that is often not designed to your specifications.  At Cutting Edge Machines, we work with you to provide solutions that work in your manufacturing process. We can modify your existing machinery or develop new machines specific to your needs. Oftentimes the payback period is only a year or less and the solution saves manpower and money.  Our team has experience in the reman industry dating back to 1983 and we understand the complexity and dynamic nature of the industry.

Sawmill and Pulp & Paper Industries

Over the years we have provided solutions for the Pulp, Paper and Sawmill industry that have reduced downtime, increased profitability, provided innovative solutions to reduce repetitive injuries in the workforce and improved safety.  If your mill is looking for a solution to a problem to speed up the use of feedstock, reduce waste, or improve performance, Cutting Edge Machinery can work with you to develop a solution that is customized to your operation.

Specialty Manufacturing

At Cutting Edge Machines we specialize in developing innovative solutions to difficult problems specialized manufacturing plants. Our work has transformed some plants that are working with specialized wood and metal products including carbon, If you are challenged in your manufacturing and would like to have the opportunity to create your plant to work in a specific manner that is outside the scope of regular machinery, we are here to help.  Reach out to us if you would like to discuss the  possibility of Cutting Edge Machines designing a solution for you, or helping you bring to life that idea you have by building a 3D design and then creating a prototype.

Forestry Industry Solutions that Work

Innovation in the forest industry has been a mainstay of our existence over the past decades. We have created and designed solutions for our clients in cutting, falling, delimbing, feller bunchers, and ground preparation. We have designed to our customers specification mobile machinery attachments including a bladder tank roller and a near fully automated triple head tree planter. If you are looking for help in designing a solution to a problem you see in the forest industry please reach out to us.

Aviation Industry

Cutting Edge Machines has designed and supported the aviation industry for decades. We have provided proprietary solutions for our clients who are fighting fires or looking for new safety features. We have designed and created.high tech heli firefighting buckets, remote aviation fuel pumps and other unique solutions.  Please reach out to us for more information or if you have a challenge in this industry.

Engineering Services

Mechanical Design of reworked and new machines to increase efficiency and production and improve profitability, improve safety and reduce environmental impact.

Production Consulting

Helping manufactures best run lines and set quality and production expectations and supervisors accountability and expectations.

Mill Efficiency and Performance Audit

Mechanical Design of reworked and new machines to increase efficiency and production and improve profitability, improve safety and reduce environmental impact.

Efficiency Support is Our Specialty

Building Effects on Production

Mechanical Performance


Management Effect on Performance and Efficiency