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We know that every project is different and every plant has unique challenges. Whether you need help adapting standard machinery to your unique plant or you need an innovative solution to solve your problem or overcome your challenge, Cutting Edge Machines is ready to provide you with custom designed solutions that are engineered by experts in the field. 

We provide full design and manufacture, or just simply engineered design solutions.  Reach out to us at Cutting Edge Machines when you are ready to explore your options to help you improve your production, improve safety, or increase profitability.

Copy of Copy of Cutting Edge Case 21

Case Study - How one Manufacturer Reduced Risk and Improved Throughput!

Jason Stern (name has been changed) looked out the window of his office down to the shop floor and worried. At the far end of the shop he could see his men moving large wood panels (up to16000lbs 14” x 8’ x 60’) that were used in the laminating process when manufacturing decks and roofs which his company sold domestically and exported around the world…

Cutting Edge Case 22

Case Study - The Troublesome Case of Breaking Feedstock

Jerry sat at his desk pulling at the last of his thinning hair. He had arrived to work early after the weekend and was looking at the production reports. He could tell by the numbers that the plant had not been running anywhere near even 60% capacity. “Damn that beetle kill” he said loudly to no one. Jerry recognized that the timber that his plant was processing was costing him little instumpage, yet was costly in terms of the problems it was causing him…

Cutting Edge Case 23

Case Study - Sandra’s Sore Back and the Lazy Post and Beam Laminator

Sandra’s back was killing her as she walked slowly to the lunchroom on Thursday afternoon. While she had gone to the chiropractor on Saturday, by Tuesday the dull pain was bothering her again. While she loved the job and the money was good, Sandra knew she was going to have to be looking for another job soon to support her family, because she felt like her body was breaking down as the laminator operator for the plant.

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